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Here we’re highlight top Design & Navigation PrestaShop Modules. If you’re looking for the best Design & Navigation PrestaShop Modules in the market, then you’re in the right place. We have more than 10+ such Modules for you right here!

Take a Look at the best Design & Navigation PrestaShop Modules…

1. Creative Elements – Elementor based PageBuilder Module

It’s about time for a live page builder, with no limits of design. A page builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before seen on PrestaShop. With Creative Elements, everything is done visually and without code.

Creative Elements - Design & Navigation PrestaShop Module


2. Amazzing filter Module

Powerful filtering engine, that can instantly process thousands of products without timeout errors. Tested on stores with 20 000+ products. Amazzing filter was developed for instant processing of thousands of products.

Amazzing filter - Design & Navigation PrestaShop Module


3. MegaMenu PrestaShop Module

MegaMenu PrestaShop Addon can streamline your store navigation with a multi-column and feature-rich menu. Besides product categories and subcategories, you can add a variety of elements to its massive, dropdown panel.

MegaMenu - Design & Navigation PrestaShop Module


4. Awesome Banner & Image Slider

Awesome Image Slider is a completely new and advanced way to represent your images in slides. Slider is the best way to promote your website by creating amazing sliders with beautiful transition effects. With our Awesome Image Slider, creating slideshows has never been so fast and enjoyable!

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Awesome Banner & Image Slider PrestaShop Module


5. Advanced Filter PrestaShop Module

With this module, the clients can filter items by multiple parameters all at once. Now you may create filters with the unlimited number of search criteria, which are available in the store by default or are created when adding the products.

Advanced Filter PrestaShop Module


6. Homepage Category Gallery PrestaShop Module

The module allows to create a unique gallery from category logos of the homepage. You can adjust each element and give it custom settings (what and how should be displayed). The gallery is fully responsive. What this module does for you? Create a custom gallery from the logos placed on the homepage quick and easy.

Homepage Category Gallery PrestaShop Module


7. Navigation Previous & Next Buttons On Product Page

This module allows you to display “Previous” and “Next” button on your product pages. The module allows you go to the previous / next product in the same category. Simplify navigation for your users.

Navigation Previous & Next Buttons On Product Page PrestaShop Module


8. Leo Megamenu PrestaShop Module

This is Modern and Functional menu for your store. Help your customers in an easy and friendly way to navigate between pages. Easy-to-use menu that does not have to add each category because the entire menu is generated automatically.

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Leo Megamenu Prestashop Module


9. Pop-Up Manager PrestaShop Module PrestaShop Module

Pop-Up Manager module is a great tool to show the important content to customers in priority. It provides you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers on all significant information by means of a popup window.

Pop-Up Manager PrestaShop Module PrestaShop Module


10. JX Search PrestaShop module

JX Search is a premium PrestaShop module developed especially for eCommerce purposes to allow the customers and site visitors to search through all of your stored content for a specific product and blog posts as well (if you have embedded blog).

JX Search PrestaShop module


Final Thoughts:

The collection of Design & Navigation PrestaShop Modules are perfect for PrestaShop store owners. Which of the above Modules will you be install to your website? Let us know in the comments section below!