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Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales

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We are at the beginning of the Chatbots era in ecommerce. With technology evolutions, new tools are designed to simplify the interaction between human and computers. In ecommerce, Chatbots can save time and efforts by automating customer support.

According to Gartner, Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. There is no wonder that the use of Chatbot in ecommerce is growing exponentially. In this article we will discuss the ways to increase conversion and sales using Chatbot.

What is Chatbot and what is it for?

Chatbots is a computer program that designed to simulate a conversation with users via voice or text, especially over the Internet.

What is it for?

  • Chatbots helps to communicate with the user
  • Reducing users waiting time
  • Personalize the user experience
  • Improve response rate
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Chatbots access information quickly

Ways to increase sales with ecommerce Chatbots.

1. Encourage action with coupons

Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales


Coupon is a great way to increase sales of your ecommerce store. Chatbot can either open with a question to encourage or deliver direct coupons to the users. Some interesting statistic about coupons…

  • 63% of shoppers say they’d use more coupons if they were available
  • 92% said they are always looking for deals, even when not actively shopping
  • 97% of consumers look for deals when they shop

Create a coupon code such as for free shipping or a direct discount applied to product. Chatbot help to follow up the customer by asking questions like Should you use coupon code, anything to help you with.

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2. Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales

For every ecommerce store abandonment cart is a missed opportunity to make a sale. 69% shoppers abandon their shopping carts globally. A well-performing abandoned email typically recover 10% to 12% of those lost orders.

Chatbots can help to prevent shopping cart abandonment. One study found that abandonment cart reminder that sends by messenger recover 13% to 20% and generate 4x to 10x more revenue than email.

  • Reminders set by Messenger have higher open rates than email
  • Give users a personal way of communicating with your business
  • With Messenger, Drive business results with post-purchase follow up

Overall, Chatbot helps to prevent shopping cart abandonment by Messenger, Chatbots messages go straight to the Messenger and are typically always seen by customers.

3. Assist Customers with Product Guides

Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales

In today’s digital world customer want to instant response. If a customer has questions about your products or service then they want an answer asap. If they can’t get help, they go elsewhere.

According to one research, 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order. So it’s clear that customer often needs assistance in selecting a product or service. With a right assistance you can get more sales.

Turn your shopping Chatbots into the guide of your products and services. Chatbots can help your customer by providing a meaningful product guide, a showcase of your products, highlight the use of products with benefits. This will result in a sale.

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4. Welcome New Customers

Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales

Did you know a welcome message can affect your business?

Start a relationship with your new customer play important role in your business. You must welcome your new customer, make them feel valued, and build trust in your business. It’s made strong relationships with your customers.

You have done the hard part by selling your products first time, but the journey has not ended here, you have to turn into a repeat customer. Chatbots can help you to do that.

5. Available for Customers 24/7

Ecommerce Chatbots: Ways to Increase Sales

Customer service is an important role for any ecommerce business. By providing a good service to a customer make them value for a product purchase from your business. If you can answer your customer queries instantly, they will stay with you.

The Customer can have conversation with Chatbots and ask anything anytime about your product or service as they want, because Chatbots never sleep. Chatbots available for 24/7.

Final Thoughts

From handling the customers to solving their queries, ecommerce Chatbots have significant impact on your business. We have already seen how Chatbots can directly impact on your sales. It’s just beginning, Chatbots are changing the face of ecommerce. Very soon Chatbots are an essential part of ecommerce store. This is the time to get ready with bots.


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