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To grow our online store, we must work on the aesthetics of the store, the products we offer, and the service we provide to our customers. In addition, we must provide them with interesting information so that they fall in love with our brand and buy from us again or simply so that they know us.

Many stores neglect their blog because they do not see the benefit that it can bring them. The blog is a way to communicate more closely with customers and with which we can generate many sales. We are going to see in this post the importance of a good blog.

What is a blog?

Before going on to the advantages that a blog brings us, let’s understand what exactly we mean when we talk about a blog.

The blog is a digital communication tool, in which we can write articles in a similar way to what a traditional newspaper or magazine would do. Through it, we can communicate with text, images, and/or videos ideas, advice, or news on any subject.

In short, to sum it up in a single sentence, a blog is a digital communication tool, a contribution of content that normally revolves around a specific topic, and that is usually updated regularly over time.

Importance of the blog in Ecommerce

We can use the blog to contribute content to our online store and generate a large number of advantages, we are going to see them one by one:

Increase organic visits

Publishing about topics related to online store has a direct influence on organic positioning. The improvement of organic or SEO positioning makes it easier to find ourselves on the Internet and generates more visits to website, attracted by the professional content that we create.

Having a blog allow to deal with more topics related to the products we sell and have more pages with content that may be interesting for customers and for Google. All this increases the volume of positioned keywords and therefore the number of times that we will appear in search engines such as Google.

The increase in visits ends up generating an increase in sales, since more and more people know our store and think about it when they need a product that we have.

Get recurring visits

If we are disciplined and regularly upload content to the blog, we will end up generating loyal content readers. This makes people who otherwise would not enter our website, do so on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how often we get an article.

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Recurring visits have two great advantages, the first is that customers remember us and have us as a reference, allowing them to recommend us to other people. The second is that we increase the possibility that they will buy from us when they need our products if they visit us every week when they need something, we offer it is very possible that they will go from the blog to the store to buy it.

Provide a closer treatment to visitors

In the virtual world, sometimes it is not easy to convey closeness. It is one of the things that can be missed compared to a physical store. In those cases, for example, it is nice to meet the seller and ask questions. We can bridge physical distances by implementing tools such as a live chat that allows your clients to communicate with you easily, but this implies being aware of responding to chats quickly so as not to frustrate the client.

By having a blog and using it regularly, we also manage to convey confidence and show our extensive knowledge of our sector. In addition, we can resolve customer doubts that arise frequently and even anticipate some that they may have and thus express our experience in the sector in which we operate. And is that the confidence that a good professional gives us when selling, both in physical stores and online.

Greater movement in social networks

It is not very common for an online store to share a product on social networks. However, we see a day thousands of interesting articles are shared on Facebook and Twitter, an action by the users themselves who provide us with increased visits passively, without the need for investment in advertising.

Directly sharing a product makes users see it as a mere promotion, and see no value in entering your website or following you on your social networks. However, if you provide interesting articles when they see your publications, they will enter to learn more about your sector, share your post, or leave comments.

Improve user statistics

Google takes into account the time that users spend on our website as a measure to determine the quality of the content. The longer the residence time, the higher the quality, and this will help us appear better positioned in the search engines.

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A well-structured blog, since reading it usually takes some time, will increase the average time of permanence. In addition, it will attract traffic by increasing the volume of web users. The increase in those two metrics for Google indicates that the quality of the content is good and will help it show us more in searches.

This positive effect only occurs if the blog is within a sub-directory or folder within your main website. If you create an external blog or a subdomain, the statistics of the blog and the web will be considered separately, and therefore will not have this positive effect on the metrics analyzed by Google.

Improve email marketing

One of the best ways to increase sales is to get recurring visitors, that is, those who have already visited or bought in our store and come back to it later. If users subscribe to our newsletter and we send notifications about new articles, we will make them visit the blog again.

With the trust that we generate with the client over time, we will be able to generate a memory in the client and finish convincing him to make his purchase.

Generate sales with blog

Of course, all of the above are summarized in that we want to generate sales for our business. But we must be careful with the blog and also work it with complete articles on topics not directly related to the sale, since if we do not lose the coming benefits from it.

The blog builds customer loyalty, brings us closer to them, increases our traffic, etc. All this ends up having an impact on the sales we generate. Therefore, having a good blog, even if not all your articles are focused on sales, ends up generating many more clients than if we only focus on promoting our products.