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Do you have an eCommerce site that you want to more sale out of? We studied the process of user on websites and find few trick that effectively grow your online sales and conversion! We advise our customer every day how to sell more and increase online profits.

Thus, we find few Awesome Tricks! That effectively work to grow your online sales.

Mobile Commerce

The world of eCommerce are rapidly grow. More than 60% of user visit websites through their mobile. Surprised? So mobile are matters. Here are some statistics regarding usage of mobile phone and desktops in Shopify.


So if you don’t have mobile store for your site or poor functioning site, you are already losing your customer and pushing them to your competitors.

There are lot of consideration for this

  • Is your appearance of your site is good enough?
  • The font size you use is Readable?
  • Is the spacing between sections are Right or need to improve?
  • Can you easily access your site menu or other option?

7 Minute Action:

Run your online store through Think with Google. The Google will test your website that how much mobile-friendly or desktop-friendly and also give suggestion what to improve. Here you will find at which point your site need to improve.

Product Picture

7 Minute Action to Grow your online Sales & Conversion

Good product photography is important. It increases the perceived value of your products and makes your website appear more trustworthy.

Quality product photography can go a long way toward creating a positive online shopping experience. How you style your product, the lighting and background, the angles will impact whether your product images convert visitors into customers.

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Good product photography can take your business at next level. The product photography also can be done in mobile. If you are working with fashion, Jewelry then investing in professional photographer can make your brand and business.

There are lot of consideration for this

  • Is your picture quality is good enough?
  • Resolution of your picture is high or low?
  • High resolution result in more loading time.
  • Low resolution result in poor quality image.
  • Size of your pictures in mobile phones are Good or Not?
  • Is your picture misleading in color?

7 Minute Action:

Check out your product picture quality. Look at the picture photography, is any improvement needed? Also check your product picture in mobile phones. Are they looking good or need to improve? Check the loading time in mobile phone. Are they take more time to load? We suggest investing in professional photographer can make your store at next level and make your brand trustworthy.

Making Shopping Easier

7 Minute Action to Grow your online Sales & Conversion

Are you checked your checkout process? The easier checkout process will result in grow your sales. If your customer getting trouble in checkout, it is also reason for cart abandonment. However on an average 65% – 70% customer are only one time purchase. This percentage you can increase by allowing Guest Checkout. By adding this feature you will definitely grow your sales. There are many reason behind guest checkout. If customer forgot their login details, new user will also select guest checkout for speedy shopping. User won’t be create account to your store.

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There are lot of consideration for this

  • Are your checkout process is easier?
  • Are you offering Guest Checkout?
  • The details fill by customer to create an account is easier?
  • Is there any details that are not necessary in create an account page?
  • Time between add to cart and checkout process is more?
  • Is your checkout process difficult?
  • What are you doing for Cart Abandonment?

7 Minute Action:

Check your store checkout process as a customer, you will definitely get idea. For checking your checkout process is easy or not. Select any 2 product and purchase it from your store. Can you complete your purchase in 2 minutes? If not than you will allow guest checkout. It makes shopping easier. Make shopping easier will also grow your sale.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lot of things you can accomplish to grow your sales. We advise that take only 7 minutes action that to make shopping easier.

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