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Here we’re highlight top Magento 2 Extensions For SEO, If you’re looking for the best Magento 2 SEO Extensions in the market, then you’re in the right place. We have more than 10+ such Magento 2 SEO Extensions for you right here! Take a Look…

1. Magento 2 SEO Extension

Are default SEO features of Magento 2 adequate for your site? The answer is NO! You need more and more! Let’s explore our Magento 2 SEO extension to know what functions SHOULD be added for better SEO.

Magento 2 SEO Extension


2. Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites

URL Rewrite is a popular technique that can help to rewrite the URLs of websites to make them clearer and more friendly to users. In terms of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) for websites, URL Rewriting can be considered as one of the best ways to improve usability and friendliness of a website because rewriting a good URL will help Google to index more easily.

Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites


3. Magento 2 Meta Tags Template

Meta tags play a crucial part in SEO for any Magento store. This information will be read by the search engines to evaluate the content of the site to decide the search result ranking. Meta Tags Template for Magento 2 helps create all of this powerful information automatically for all products in your store.

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Meta Tags Template


4. Google XML Sitemap

Google has specific rules for sitemap generation. It is useful to have your XML sitemaps built automatically with the help of Google XML Sitemap extension for Magento 2 in order to meet all search engines requirements. Faster indexing of new pages shortens the time your new products to appear in Google.

Google XML Sitemap


5. Unique Product URL

Get all advantages of unique product URLs in your store running Magento 2. Specify the link length and the criteria to define it to stay clear of duplicate items for all existing and new product pages. On top of that, with this handy extension you can remove categories from URLs and configure some extra settings related to breadcrumbs.

Unique Product URL


6. Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension

Magento 2 Layered Navigation allows shoppers to filter products by Categories, Colors, etc and even New, In-stock, On-sale or filter by Product ratings and filter by Product status. This helps customers remove unsuitable products from the result product page in order to save more shopping time.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension


7. Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog extension is a better blog for your e-commerce store without a framework such as WordPress. Magento 2 Blog extension is integrated right into the Magento backend so you can manage your blog and your e-commerce store all in the one place.

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Magento 2 Blog Extension


8. Google Rich Snippets For Magento 2

Improve your search engine rankings with easy-to-set up Google rich snippets. Highlight necessary information in search results to increase your website visibility and draw highly targeted traffic to your store.

Google Rich Snippets For Magento 2


9. Google Page Speed Optimizer For Magento 2

Magento 2 Speed Optimization improves web pages performance in order to place your store at the top of Google search rating. Boost your webstore traffic by the speed optimization and get an endless stream of new visitors!

Google Page Speed Optimizer For Magento 2


10. Magento 2 Dynamic HTML Sitemap

Make your store more user-friendly, provide your store visitors a convenient overview of the website. At the same time help Search Engines crawl and index data better by spreading the necessary ranking power with internal cross-linking.

Magento 2 Dynamic HTML Sitemap


Final Thoughts:

The collection is perfect for Magento 2 store owners. Which of the above Magento 2 SEO Extensions will you be install to your website? Let us know in the comments section below!