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Here we’re highlight top  Content Management & Promotions Magento 2 Extensions, If you’re looking for the best Magento 2 Extensions in the market, then you’re in the right place. We have more than 10+ such Content Management & Promotions Magento 2 Extensions for you right here! Take a Look…

1. Custom Promo Conditions for Magento 2

Turn your promotions to highly personalized ones with the Custom Conditions for Magento 2 extension. Make a step towards your customers with the Advanced Conditions for Magento 2 extension. Create personalized experiences, form their loyalty and see that like a fine wine it gets better with age.

Custom Promo Conditions - Content Management & Promotions Magento 2 Extension


2. Special Promotions Pro for Magento 2

Shape your discounts with clever conditions. Create promotions based on customers’ info and purchase history. Use 20 actions to be sure that your promotions are unique and relevant. Find out how to quickly configure one of the most popular and effective promotions.

Special Promotions Pro - Content Management & Promotions Magento 2 Extension


3. Product Labels

Product Labels extension for Magento 2 helps your products speak to customers, delivering clear and attractive promotional messages with the help of various fancy labels. Stimulated attention and fostered curiosity will, by far, enliven customers’ experience and will prompt to buy more.

Product Labels - Content Management & Promotions Magento 2 Extension


4. Automatic Related Products

Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2 allows for quick and precise related product management with the help of attribute conditions and condition combinations. Using the extension rules store administrator can define to what product pages they want to add related products, and define on what criteria the related products should be assembled.

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Automatic Related Products Magento 2 Extension


5. Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog extension is a better blog for your e-commerce store without a framework such as WordPress. Magento 2 Blog extension is integrated right into the Magento backend so you can manage your blog and your e-commerce store all in the one place.

Magento 2 Blog Extension


6. Product Questions for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Questions extension effectively assists customers to reach frequent questions related to their concerned products and other policies quickly and easily thanks to Knowledge Base search box and question category page with the Knowledge Base and Product questions List.

Product Questions for Magento 2


7. Rich Banner Slider

The extension creates Slide blocks (Banners) at the store category and product pages. Each Banner can contain several Slides and target a particular customer group. The Banner positioning settings are highly adaptive and allow placing Banners on a required set of product pages with the help of product attribute conditions.

Rich Banner Slider Magento 2 Extension


8. Google Rich Snippets

With Google Rich Snippets, you will improve your search engine rankings and increase store visibility on the search result page. Rich snippets are a type of structured data that help search engines better ‘understand’ information placed on your store pages.

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Google Rich Snippets Magento 2 Extension


9. Promo Bar for Magento 2

Magento 2 Promo Bar extension help stores online display notifications, promotion campaigns easily via small bars on the top of pages or any positions to attract customers. The module works effectively to draw customer attention and increase store sales.

Promo Bar for Magento 2


10. Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Extension

Magento 2 Newsletter popup is a key solution for Brand awareness and marketing strategies that help inform a great deal of hot and last-updated information from your websites to customers. Online stores get sales increase and generate more loyal customers as consequently.

Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Extension


Final Thoughts:

The collection is perfect for Magento 2 store owners. Which of the above Extensions will you be install to your website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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