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With each year, Ecommerce is on the rise at a constant speed. Plus, the competition is more intense than ever. And with a game like this, the majority of marketers are looking for the best strategies to stand ahead of the curve.

Well, it makes sense too. Nobody knows what the future holds and certainly there is no chance you can afford to miss that helps in making your business better and worthwhile.

If you are one of those determined business owners who want to keep their leg up on the competition, this is your chance. This blog will highlight 10 eCommerce marketing tools that you cannot miss in 2020.

TOOL 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Ecommerce Marketing Tools

A trendy and a free of charge tool that you must take hold of and welcome it to the list of your digital marketing strategies from the initial point.

This easy to use tool is quite common among the eCommerce marketers as it helps to track traffic and obstacles that contribute to cart abandonment. Plus, Google Analytics tool will also inform you about your investments declining, so that you can take action on time.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - Ecommerce Marketing Tools

Source: moz.com

To employ this tool, include the analytic code on your website that will eventually allow you to track every action of the visitors. And to know more about its functions, you can watch tutorials which are easily available on YouTube.

TOOL 2. KISSMETRICS – Ecommerce Marketing Tools

An advanced product analytics tool that will help you to analyze and optimize your customers and overall performance of your digital marketing. With Kissmetrics, you’ll be able to illustrate your marketing campaigns and determine how to get the best Rate On Investment (ROI).

Have a look at what else Kissmetrics is good at.

KISSMETRICS - Ecommerce Marketing Tools

Source: https://www.kissmetricshq.com/


Hubspot has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in just no time. It has everything you need like a blogging platform, CRM, Call-to-action tools, Analytics software, social media tool and so on to launch marketing campaigns that make users interested in your brand.

It even helps you in automating tasks that create a workflow, thus, saving your time from the marketing efforts you put in all-day. In short, it is a one-stop-shop which is meant to smooth your marketing life, while sustaining your business and satisfying your customers. To begin with Hubspot, you can choose the starter plan that starts at $35 per month.

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A versatile digital marketing tool that definitely became a staple for competitive intelligence, keyword research and Google Ad campaign optimization.

With up to 4 million users and trusted by popular brands like Amazon, Disney and eBay, SEMrush is a powerful tool to overview each and everything of the website in detail such as Backlinks, Keywords, Paid Search Results, Organic Search Results, Sample Media Ads, Display Advertising, Anchor Links, Referring Domains and a lot more.


Source: https://digitalready.co/

With 10 years in the market, SEMrush offers you a 7-days free trial to examine all the possibilities for your digital marketing strategy.


An email marketing tool to build, associate, automate and enhance your work. With around 12 million users, MailChimp has hit the spot of the top 10 eCommerce marketing tools in the world.

MAILCHIMP - Ecommerce Marketing Tools

Source: Mailchimp.com

This all-in-one marketing tool has a room for your Audience, Brand, Campaigns and Insights to market smarter and grow better. MailChimp is best known to provide value to your users by offering discount coupons, growing and dividing your mail list and even tracking your email results.


A social media management tool that helps you manage your social media channels and also schedule your social media posts via calendar in advance and also allows you to manage your customer service on specific social media platforms like Twitter.

Hootsuite has made social media marketing really simple by taking care of the connections and growth of your brand on social media. There’s a reason it is trusted by more than 16 million users globally.

Hootsuite has plans for both individuals and a team with interesting basic and professional features. You can even opt for a 60-day free trial.


High-quality content is what Google loves and Grammarly is an incredible marketing tool that edits and proofreads the content to make it clean and user friendly.

Apart from indicating the errors and grammatical mistakes, it also shows your overall performance in percentage and the credibility score. Grammarly is quite simple to use and you can sign up for free. All you need to do is upload the document, choose the type of audience, tone, formality and check as many times as you want.

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It is recommended to choose the premium option for better results and unlimited features.


Screenshotted from Grammarly Account


A tool to enhance your website instantly, access your website’s heatmaps and recordings that signifies where users spend most of the time. You can start with your 30-days free trial with an option to cancel it anytime you want.

Crazy Egg helps in creating an ultimate page with its “A/B Testing Tool” that will make data-backed decisions and will choose the correct colour, image or content to attract more traffic. This wonderful tool also has the ability to quickly fix content related to colour, fonts etc with its “Crazy Egg Editor”.


Source: crazyegg.com


A graphic design tool to design anything you want such as Logos, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers, Resumes, Infographics, Presentations, Brochures and even Invitation Cards. This tool is great for both beginners and experts who need quick customization and productivity in their designs.

Even if you are a free user, you have 8000+ templates to choose from, 100+ social media posts and presentations and thousands of free photos and graphics. This tool saves the time you might spend creating impressive visuals for your marketing campaigns.


Source: canva.com


A marketing automation tool that connects your everyday apps so that you can build a workflow and be more productive. Zapier is trusted by both small and large companies like BuzzFeed, Spotify, FOX, Invision and Adobe.


Source: Zappier.com

Zappier connects more than 2000 apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slack, Quickbooks, Facebook Lead Ads and so on. It just takes a few clicks to start automating your routine tasks and build a workflow. You can sign up and start by using a basic “Forever Free” plan where you will also get support help.

Make The Year Productive

Why waste time on constant and dull tasks when you can find quick solutions with these eCommerce marketing tools? Just choose the one that meets your business needs and make it a part of your plan.