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Here we’re highlight top Marketplaces OpenCart Extensions, If you’re looking for the best OpenCart Extensions in the market, then you’re in the right place. We have more than 10+ such Marketplaces OpenCart Extensions for you right here! Take a Look…

1. Google Shopping for OpenCart

Introducing Google Shopping for OpenCart! Your brand new marketing tool allowing effortless promotion for products from your OpenCart store to shoppers who are searching for them online.

Google Shopping - Marketplaces OpenCart Extension


2. Multivendor Marketplace

Create Marketplace Store Using Multivendor Extension Which is Very Flexible in Term of Functionality And Essential Features Required For Marketplace. Use This Extension to Convert Your Existing Store into Marketplace with Multiple Vendor/Seller/Suppliers.

Multivendor - Marketplaces OpenCart Extension


3. Product To Customer Group

With this extension you can assign products to one or more customer groups, so you can hide products for a customer group. after installing the module, a new section will be added to product form in admin panel where you can choose customer groups for product.

Product To Customer Group - Marketplaces OpenCart Extension


4. Product Extra Tabs

With Product Extra Tabs extension you can add Unlimited extra tabs to your product page. Now you can put different contents for each customer, based on their customer group. You can enable/disable any tab.

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Product Extra Tabs OpenCart Extension


5. Product Downloads

With this extension you can add unlimited downloads to any products. If your products have a file to download, for example, if they have a brochure or a catalog and you want to put them for download, you can use this extension.

Product Downloads OpenCart Extension


6. Print Shopping Cart

This extension adds a print button to the shopping cart page where people can print their shopping cart content.

Print Shopping Cart OpenCart Extension


7. Product Additional fields

With the help of this extension you can add Unlimied Product Additional Fields and Show Extra Product Information.

Product Additional fields OpenCart Extension


8. Pre-Order Manager

This extension helps you to define selected Pre-Order products and lets your customer Order them. You can easily manage Pre-Order products and select which one you want to display in your store frontend. Fully admin manageable extension.

Pre-Order Manager OpenCart Extension


9. Support Tickets (Module Market)

Support Ticket System is fully featured essential and must have extension for every Opencart store, that allows you to provide a complete customer care service and excellent support
With this extension customer can raise the ticket for their queries and issues.

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Support Tickets OpenCart Extension


10. Advanced Postcode Manager : Best Postcode Management Tool

Advanced pin code manager extension for opencart gives you control over pin code management for your store. It provides you with a lot of different features related to the pin code which helps your customer know better about delivery.

Advanced Postcode Manager OpenCart Extension


Final Thoughts:

The collection is perfect for OpenCart store owners. Which of the above Extensions will you be install to your website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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