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We know that Pinterest is all about new ideas and inspirations. But ever thought of using it for Business? We know 55% of you will say NO.

Relax, that’s fine.

The good news is that Pinterest has a huge audience with high spending power and offers incredible opportunities to highlight you in the marketplace. In fact, Pinterest drives 33% higher traffic than Facebook and Pinterest ad revenue is expected to surpass $1 billion by 2020.

In short, the significance of Pinterest is effectively rising and it’s high-time to get involved with Pinterest to push your sales funnel. Now, one question must be striking your mind. HOW?

Do not worry. We do have a solution. We’ll take you on a drive to a step-by-step guide on how to start advertising on Pinterest and will let you know everything about running a fruitful ad campaign.

Step 1: Form a Business Account

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

To getting started with advertising on Pinterest, you can either switch your current Pinterest account to a business account or generate a new one for your branding.


  • Enter your email address
  • Create a Password
  • Type your business name
  • Click on create account
  • Generate your business profile
  • Agree to the terms & conditions and you are ready to go……

Step 2: Set Up the Pinterest Tag

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

A Pinterest ad campaign is incomplete without installing the Pinterest tag. This let you determine how adequately your ads drop traffic to your website. From keeping the record of conversions to evaluating campaign performance, Pinterest tag will also create a client list for your upcoming campaigns.

Now, how to get started with the tag?

  • Come into your website’s HTML
  • Set up the tag using JavaScript
  • Select Enhanced Match (for accurate conversion data)
  • If done Installing the tag, download the Pinterest Tag Helper (to make sure if your tag is installed accurately)

Step 3: Pick Your Campaign Target

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

The foundation of every campaign is ads.pinterest.com. Picking a clear goal is essential to figure out the type of ad formats available and to evaluate the ad auction.

Know the four campaign goals,

  • Bringing traffic to your website by driving the finest leads and sending pinners
  • Enhancing brand awareness by growing broad exposure with existing and future buyers
  • Raise the app installs
  • Promote your brand via autoplay videos
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Step 4: Decide Your Campaign Budget

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

This step is optional. Set your spending limit by first adding on campaign name and later define if you want a “Daily Budget” or “Lifetime Budget”. The accurate pricing limitation will be happening after.

To generate a carousel ad campaign, double-check to allow the option. Will only work in the case, if you’ve picked brand awareness as your campaign goal.

Step 5: Make an Ad Group

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

For creating an ad group, you can either choose your current ad group or generate a new one. You need to assume one ad group as a storage for your Promoted Pins. Every ad group can include a specific assigned budget and particular targeting.

The bonus point about creating an ad group is that you can maintain numerous aims within a single campaign. Like, you wish to mark particular content to different geography when you only have a restricted budget. Plus, try to initiate only 2 to 4 pins per ad group.

Step 6: Decide on Target Audience

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

You will come across specific criteria for the audience you wish to reach with your campaign.

You can opt for an audience based on gender, age, location, language and device. Remember, if your actual goal is to obtain traffic or brand awareness, use a huge-targeting approach to prevent low-clicks.

Step 7: Choose Ad Group Placement

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

When you’ll step-in the advanced options section, it is advisable to choose all placement defaults for the best results. Other than that, there are two basic channels to show up for ads i.e Browse and Search.

On choosing “Browse” promoted pins will appear in the home feed when people will browse and on choosing “Search” promoted pins will appear in the search results. However, in both situations, your ads will flare up in related pins.

Step 8: Include Interests & Keywords

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

Now, it is the time to explore your targeting strategy by including interests and keywords which will make sure that your ads will automatically show up to a targeted audience. It has been observed that Pinterest campaign enhance reach results, click-through rates and superior results after enabling interest and keywords.

In general, Pinterest suggests using 25 keywords which can be configured to specify a broad phrase or accurate match. You can even include negative keywords to omit undeniable search details from starting ads.

Step 9: Put your Budget & Schedule in Motion

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

Start by entering the initiation date and ending date of your campaign. Choose whether you want to set “Daily Budget” or for the entire duration of the campaign by choosing “Lifetime Budget”.

Make sure you do this carefully because this won’t be edited later on.

Step 10: Adjust Optimization & Delivery

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

Introduce a “maximum bid” for your Pinterest ads and amount for the minimum bid should be more than two dollars. Choosing “Accelerated” rather than “Standard” will put up speedy spending of the budget.

This step is worth an attempt if you are looking for an impressive imprint in a shorter period. Assumably, your whole budget can be consumed before the ending of the campaign but do not worry, it will not go beyond.

Step 11: Choose Pins for Your Campaign

A Step-By-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Pinterest

At last, select pins to your ad group. You can now create new pins or keep the existing. Appoint a name and URL to each pin and your pins should be saved to your profile and strictly not in secret boards. Also, do not feature third-party videos or GIFs.


Congratulations, by now you are all set to drive traffic and generate revenue from your Pinterest account. With more than 200 million users, Pinterest is a great platform to highlight your brand and business in the marketplace.

So, Hurry Up & Start Pinning !!