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You open up your store to check on your sales, and you realize that have some work to do. As an Entrepreneur, you always work hard to bring people to your Ecommerce store. But you didn’t get enough out of them.

You have got enough traffic to your Ecommerce store but not enough sales Right? You don’t have a traffic problem; you have a conversion problem.

Ecommerce store optimization is a continuous process. A few small tweaks can make 50% (and more) growth in sales. It’s never too late to optimize your Ecommerce store.

To help you increase sales and revenue, we’re sharing 5 best ways to optimize Ecommerce store.

1. SEO

5 Strategies to Optimize your Ecommerce Store

Can people find your Ecommerce store?

Getting more traffic is a dream of every Ecommerce store owner. Bringing more traffic to Ecommerce store without investing more money in advertising can be a great way to build your Ecommerce empire. You can do all the things by making powerful SEO for your Ecommerce store.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of generating natural traffic to your websites from search engine. The primary goal of SEO is appearing your product or service on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You know the product page is a highest value page of your store. From the product page majority of your customers finally make the decision to either buy or leave your store. You should focus on, on page SEO things.

  • Simple URL structure because Google loves that
  • Add meta descriptions, titles, keywords to the page
  • Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords
  • Keyword of the page should be covered in the header tag
  • Add product descriptions, specifications, and pictures on the product pages

The Product page SEO is important for Ecommerce optimization because of its direct impact on store revenues.

2. User Experience

5 Strategies to Optimize your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to designing an Ecommerce store, user experiences is an important thing to consider. A good user experience design tactics make happy users, more customers, and increased revenues.

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The brands who create unique experiences that capture attention and keeps customers coming back. User Experience enhances a visitor’s satisfaction. Let’s think about your Ecommerce store overall design and user experience.

Is your webpage taking so much time to load? Page load time is referring to the total amount of time it takes the content on a specific URL to load. According to Google, 32% of visitor leave your site if it takes 3 second or more to load. A slow loading site equals lost revenue. Slow page load time is because of high resolution images, hosting, code length etc. Consider this thing and improve your page speed.

Has your navigation is proper? Can people easily find products from your store? Navigation is an important aspect to consider, when designing your Ecommerce store. Navigation can make or break your chances of conversion. According to survey, 70% of websites visitors rely on navigation. When planning to design your navigation, think in terms of how visitors look for your products. Simple navigation helps your visitor to navigate easily.

3. Trust and Conversions

5 Strategies to Optimize your Ecommerce Store

Suppose you are visiting a new online store for the very first time. You know nothing about the brand, the quality of its products and service of its products. Would you trust that brand? Obviously No…

Most shoppers are probably searching for a trust signal like product reviews, or any social proof. Without trust signals your conversion and revenue are remaining low. In this Ecommerce era people doesn’t buy a product they buy an experience. With trust signals you can power up your Ecommerce website and earn more revenue from that. You can earn customer trust and sales by following the below points

  • Add trust signals to your store
  • Build relationships through content
  • Provide detailed product information
  • Show customers that their security is your priority
  • Highlight an excellent return policy
  • Available for customer any time with live chat

4. Customer Support

5 Strategies to Optimize your Ecommerce Store

In today’s digital world customer want to instant response. If a customer has questions about your products or service then they want an answer asap. If they can’t get help, they go elsewhere.

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According to one research, 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order. So it’s clear that the customer often needs assistance in selecting a product or service. With a right assistance you can get more sales. It’s clear that live chat have a significant impact on user experience. In many ways, live chat helps to make strong relationships with customers.

Live chat enables the conversations that power up your Ecommerce store. The origin of your sales and growth is rooted in conversation. With better customer support you can make more conversation and more sales!

5. Reduce Cart Abandonment

5 Strategies to Optimize your Ecommerce Store

Not every shopper who adds a product to the cart and complete the checkouts. As an Entrepreneur, you work hard to bring customers to your Ecommerce store. The Shopper will visit few items and add them to cart, then continues to checkouts, but doesn’t complete the order. The shoppers drop off, and their cart is stored as an abandoned checkout.

According to Baymard research, 69% shoppers abandon their shopping carts globally. Shopping cart abandonment affects both small and large Ecommerce businesses. Recovering a small amount from abandonment make a big difference to any Ecommerce store.

By considering above tactics you can reduce abandonment carts and increase your sales and conversions.

Final Thoughts

Conversion and Sales are the lifeblood of your online store. This guideline will help to convert your buyer into customers better than ever before. Now you know how to handle Ecommerce store optimization, follow this guideline that definitely increases conversion and sales.

Share your experience with us, which strategy helped you most to increase your conversion and sales in the comment section below.