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Did your email marketing strategy flopped to deliver the results you were expecting?

Stop scratching your head now and start implementing the right email marketing tips that can get your 3x more revenue.

Let’s not ignore the fact that emails are considered to be the 3rd most powerful source of information and around 100 billion emails are sent every day. Plus, the number is presumed to reach 246 billion by 2020.

These numbers decide the scope of the email marketing but only if you know how to do it the right way.

And for that, this blog will share the most relevant and powerful email marketing secrets to take your business to the next level.

The Real Email Marketing Hacks

1. First, Improve Your Subject Line

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

A good subject line will make all the difference when getting started with your email marketing campaign. The decision to open an email rely on the subject line solely.

Subject Line is the first impression you form on someone and it hardly takes 100 milliseconds for that. The judgement of your emails is critical and quick. So, this is where you cannot take a chance.

Below are the examples to get you an accurate idea,

  • “You almost missed out….”
  • “Top 7 under $7”
  • “40% off on your favorite”
  • “Deal ending in 3 hours from now”
  • “Ooops, your prescription has been expired”
  • “Blink and you’ll miss it”

Are you aware that subject line giving a personal touch have 26% better open rates than non-personalized emails?

2. Make It Worth To Click

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

Never underestimate clients. Every subscriber in your list should know how your products and services can benefit them. However short and concise, your email you should be all about your subscribers.

Employing educational content in your newsletter is a great idea. Give them videos, FAQ’s, and other product guidelines by keeping the focus on them.

For example, Moment introduced a marketing campaign by offering their consumers with tactics on editing photos directly from a mobile phone. They added educational content in their emails that made subscribers worth to click.

3. Work On Your CTAs

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

When you are doing everything right like composing right subject lines, writing simple copies, organizing email scanners and still struggling with the lower click-through rate. We know what a huge disappointment that could be.

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Ever thought about the thing letting you down? Well, maybe the Call-to-action buttons is the reason your conversions are paused for the time.

A company named Campaign Monitor got an increase of 28% using a call-to-action button over linked texts in click-throughs.

Plus research says consumers prefer to scan email campaigns than a word-to-word read. This is the reason why the call-to-action button is important for your email campaigns. You can even use various tools like Canvas or Bulletproof Buttons to customize your button.

Some of the Call-to-action examples are:

  • “Sign up for free”
  • “Get Started”
  • “Join free for a month”
  • “Subscribe”
  • “Download now”
  • “Claim your free trial” and so on

4. Get Personal

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

Personalization is important to maintain a long-term relationship with the customer. People love to be seen as individuals and email personalization is a powerful tool if used in the right way.

In a recent study by Experian, personalized email marketing boost the open rates by 29% and click-through rates by 41%. And, what’s the sad part is? 70% of eCommerce businesses so not personalize emails.

It simply means this strategy is quite underrated. But in case you are quite serious about the revenue generation, then personalization email marketing shouldn’t be missed anyhow.

But how?

These are a few tips you need to push up your click-throughs,

  • A simple question will work
  • Use humour
  • Recipient’s name is a must
  • Never forget to wish your recipient’s on their birthday

5. Amend Your Emails For Mobile Devices

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

A recent study uncovered that 2 out of 3 emails are opened on mobile devices and 75% of smartphone owners use their devices to check the emails.

Therefore, the importance of amending your emails for mobile devices is quite clear. To run in the race you need to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly.

But the real question is, how?

Trust me, it isn’t that hard. All you need to do is, follow these points to get started,

  • Implement email templates
  • To the point subject line
  • Use engaging preheader text
  • Put bullet points
  • Clear and concise message only
  • Make the emails scannable
  • Visuals are must
  • Do not forget the CTA button

6. Test Your Visuals

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

 This is not just a saying but a cyclical truth.

This internet era is all about visuals. It’s even a well-proven fact that the human brain retains 65% of the information when they see a visual and only 10% while reading. And, the same goes with emails.

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A perfect subject line or a copy will be useless if your email message lacks visual content for online engagement. Customers are humans and as a visual being, they are more likely to hold visuals than any other source of information.

And, with endless tools available only, it is even easier to push your email marketing campaign. For example, Designmodo Postcard let you create engaging and professional quality templates online where you do not even need any technical or coding skills.

Rest you can implement the following factors in your email marketing campaign,

  • Try GIFs
  • Create image-based CTA’s
  • Implement Videos
  • Generate personalized videos in emails
  • Link charts, graphics or infographics
  • Endorse Social Cause

7. A/B Testing

7+ Email Marketing Secrets For Getting 3x More Revenue

A/B testing or commonly known as Split testing, is a method to determine which technique works the best for you in regards to opens or clicks. This way you can compare the different versions of the same content and get the best results possible.

After executing a few A/B tests you’ll be able to examine your funnel, get an accurate estimation of your campaign ROI and generate 3x more revenue. The costing is minimal and wouldn’t shake your budget. And, all you need to decide is what to test to get amazing results.

Things you need to examine while testing,

  • CTA (“Buy Now” vs “Check the Plan”)
  • Subject Line (“Iphone11 on sale” vs “Discount on Iphone11”)
  • Personalization (“Mrs Winget” vs “Jennifer”)
  • Copywriting
  • Images
  • Message Length

Say No More

Without any doubt, email marketing is the present and the future. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is positive customer experience and revenue generation. You have got the tips with well-researched facts that show how powerful the results could be.

Rest the implementation is yours. Just start creating your email marketing campaigns and test every aspect to see which gives you the best results.

So, how’s your email marketing campaign going on? Let us know if you have tried any of the above “secret” and do not forget to share your experience with us.