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In the world of ecommerce business, providing smoother shopping experience to users is necessary. As of today, 69% of shopper abandonment their carts instead of purchase.

According to Baymard research, 23% user abandons shopping carts just because of too complicated checkout process.

As ecommerce store owner, you have to take this matter seriously. By providing simple checkout process, you can save 23% of abandoned carts. That’s why, here we’re introducing a Top 5 Powerful One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension.

1. One Step Checkout by Amasty

Amasty One step checkout is a powerful Magento Extension that helps to speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Use Google Suggestions to help visitors instantly complete address fields and let them easily edit the product options right on the checkout.

One Step Checkout by Amasty


2. One Step Checkout by BSS Commerce

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension displays all information in only one page, which helps customers to checkout quickly. This fast checkout extension in Magento 2 also reduces abandoned cart rates effectively.

One Step Checkout by BSS Commerce


3. One Step Checkout by MagePlaza

Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension helps to simplify the checkout process, decrease the abandonment cart to 66%, reduce checkout time by 80% and increase the conversion rate over 30%. This extension will bring more revenue for your online store in Magento 2.

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One Step Checkout by Mageplaza


4. Checkout Suite by IWD Agency

Boost your conversion rate with a modern solution that reduces the steps needed to complete checkout. In the entire process on a single responsive page, your customers can get to the place order button faster than ever.

Checkout Suite by IDW Agency


5. One Step Checkout by Land of Coder

With 75% faster than default checkout, Magento 2 one page checkout speeds up the whole checkout process thus considerably boost your sales & revenue.

One Step Checkout by Land of Coder


Final Thoughts

This collection is perfect for optimizing your checkout needs. Choose an extension from the list, that will optimize your store for better shopping experience and more SALE! Let us know in the comments below, Which one is the best suit to your business needs?