Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

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Wondering why people are not buying from your website? Are you struggling hard to bring new and retain existing customers? Have you also experienced customers visiting your Ecommerce store, added products to the cart and never coming back?

This is simply because your Ecommerce store needs to know what’s in trend to enhance sales and customer retention rate. Implementing even small changes might work as wonders in order to bring potential customers to your Ecommerce store.

Let’s discuss some major reasons why customers hesitate to buy from your Ecommerce store and explore solutions to increase revenue and shopper’s satisfaction.

Confusing & Inappropriate Checkouts 

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

For a second, see-through the customer’s eye and choose an Ecommerce website to shop. What would you expect as a customer?

It is obvious. Clear and smooth computing with a secure checkout is all you must be looking for.

Research says, 1 out of 4 customers will back-out the cart due to long and confusing checkouts and 23% of customers will never visit again in future.

So, why include unwilling registration, drawn-out order forms? The only way to escape from such complexities is to simplify the checkout process as possible. It will be easier for the customer to navigate if the number of pages will be reduced while checking out. Plus, if your online store includes a guest checkout option, will work as a bonus.

Weak Search Engine

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

Nothing is worse than a weak search engine to baffle shoppers. It happens mostly in the case of large online stores where shoppers prefer to directly search rather than wasting time browsing categories or navigation widgets. And, it becomes more than irritating for the shopper when the search engine cannot even knob typographical errors, plurals or hyphens.

For example, a shopper is looking for a “5 inch cardboard.” So, do the shopper has to search for “5” cardboard” or “5 inch cardboard”? Actually, a good search engine should bring the same results as shoppers have no idea how your website measures such units.

A recent study states that 59% of users rely on the website search engine rather than browsing the products. Also, 70% of leading Ecommerce stores of US make shoppers search by jargon.

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Annoying Hidden Charges

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

Lack of transparency in the payment process is the biggest disappointment for the customers. This might bounce off the shopper within a second from your store as most people shop with a specific budget in their mind. For your information, 38% of users shop online only because of low prices. Unnecessary hidden costs can spoil the prominence of your brand in such a way that can badly affect your revenue.

According to a study by Baymard Institute, 53% of shoppers leave the website during checkout because of extra high costs (shipping, taxes, fees).

The right way to increase conversion rates includes downturn of unnecessary taxes, high shipping costs and chargeable returns and exchanges. Lenient policies make shoppers more likely to visit your Ecommerce store.

Non-Responsive Customer Support 

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

You may not know the importance of customer support when you open your online store but this can be a major reason why customers hesitate to buy from your website. Having good customer support takes a step forward in building a good relationship with the customer and retain them for the future.

Responsive Customer support is a sign of reliability and makes them trust your brand. To figure up, 58% of online shoppers in the US will never shop from your store because of the previous poor customer support experience.

Let’s not forget that customer service is the root of any business and to deliver trustworthy customer service, the first step would be to choose a stable platform for Ecommerce stores like Magento, WooCommerce, or Shopify. Plus, a proper helpdesk and a support ticketing process will fix the problem.

Updating Only Positive Reviews 

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

People are very smart. If you think updating only good reviews make them shop on your website, you are going the wrong way. Online shoppers search for critical reviews more than the positive ones as they crave to know what can go wrong with that particular product. By displaying both the pros and cons can increase the user experience and brand reputation.

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According to the stats, 63% of online shoppers make a purchase after browsing both positive and negative reviews and guest visitors who get across both the reviews and customer questions are more likely to confirm the purchase while visiting.

For Example, Amazon displays both critical and positive reviews under the product and put an overall score out of 5 based on reviews and ratings. This helps shoppers to find trustworthy opinions and dampen their confusion.

Poor Social Presence 

Reasons Why Customers Hesitate to Buy From Your Ecommerce Store

Having a social presence has a huge influence on customers. Shoppers need proof whenever they shop online as they want to know the value of the brand and the products before investing in them. Your customers will always hesitate to buy from your Ecommerce store if it is lacking a social presence.

According to the latest survey, 84% of users prefer to browse through a social media channel for guidance before shopping.

As per this internet era, every Ecommerce store must include evidence like Customer Testimonials, Case Studies, Third-Party Reviews and other feedback on their social media channels for better user experience and conversion rate.

What’s Next?

The good news is, even if your Ecommerce store includes any of the above issues, it’s never too late. You can still update your business game and analyze the results within hours.

Just try to figure out how your online store is stressing and lagging behind. Be a customer for a day on your store. From browsing to checking out, identify the mistakes and update the same as soon as possible.

Sounds Good?

You can also go through other solutions and information related to Ecommerce in our blog section or simply contact us. Our team of professionals will do the needful. Also, do not forget to share your views in the comment section below.

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