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Promote Your eCommerce Store Using Video Marketing & YouTube

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As we roll into 2020 – Video streaming continues to be the most popular and engaging part of the content. Undoubtedly, Video Marketing and YouTube have become the most preferred path  to convey a story, be entertained, educate people and even encourage them to make purchasing decisions.

Videos are no more left as an option to advertise and promote your products but it’s a necessity. In fact, YouTube users watch more than 5 billion videos every day with 1 billion unique visits each month and YouTube search engine ranked 2nd as the most popular after Google.

The rise in popularity of Video Marketing & YouTube is a new fringe for eCommerce businesses because of more visibility and new marketing channels. But only if you do it correctly.

But now, the real question is – how to use Video Marketing & YouTube for your eCommerce business?

Well, majority of the eCommerce companies plan to forge their first video to inspire, arouse emotions and convey their story to the audience. But, is it that easy? The answer is NO.

Companies spend an immense amount on one explainer video for their homepage and later squeal it to halt. Taking money, time and resources into account, video marketing is not a game, instead it’s the most impactful piece of marketing strategy that might make your business bloom.

Our methodology says Video Marketing & YouTube for business needs a logical strategy to stay in the race. To showcase just how essential is to taste that digital pie, our team has covered four valuable steps to guide you through this whole arena.

Attract Big & Better

Promote Your eCommerce Store Using Video Marketing & YouTube

The initial step is to attract people and turn strangers into customers. Research says, 52% of consumers look for solutions to their problems online which shows the opportunity to create something that identifies their challenges and introduces them to a solution.

Although you may come up with a brilliant thought to finally create a video for your business. But, remember you may always find at least one YouTube channel that already equates with your target audience.

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The fact is no one likes watching ads, generally viewers like the content that seems relevant to the problem or situation they are into. After all, the end goal is to interact and expand reach. That is why a more entertaining and emotion arousing video will win hearts rather than going strictly educational.

Honestly speaking, you shouldn’t be pushy and forceful about your product rather you should let your brand values and personality to speak. Even if you have a complicated or technical product, you can still make it fun to watch by adding some humour and gag. Plus, 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching an interesting video.

Convert Viewers Into Leads

Promote Your eCommerce Store Using Video Marketing & YouTube

Now that you’ve got the attention, the next step includes the goal of converting website visitors into leads. This involves gathering viewer’s information like name, email, contact details or location via lead forms, call-to-action on the page or by serving related links.

You need to make sure that videos are created not just to follow the trend but it is an experience that might run things smoothly. Remember the primary goal of the “convert video” should be to educate and thrill in addition to enhancing brand awareness of your company.

Even webinars are a good option because they do not let users watch the content unless they sign in with their contact details. But users will only connect if there’s something interesting and beneficial in the room for them. And to learn more about your audience, you can use polls or surveys which will help you to understand their pain points and will also encourage engagement.

 Close The Deal

Promote Your eCommerce Store Using Video Marketing & YouTube

Here comes the most overlooked step by the marketers i.e closing the converted leads into customers. By this stage, the consumer is carefully considering all the choices and making a decision to make a purchase. Basically, the goal of “close video” is to let your audience make a picture of themselves using the products or services in the mind.

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It’s well-proven that 59% of consumers are most likely to watch a video about a product rather than reading it. After all, videos are quite easy to feature performance and influence concerns in a manner product description never could. The content you generate should be all about your target audience. Viewers feel more connected to the personalized content that conveys the message.

This section includes “Client testimonials” that speak about their experiences, detailed “Product or Service Demos” that displays the type of services your customers can expect from you and “Team Introductions” that shows the culture and ethics of your company.

Serve Happy Customers

Promote Your eCommerce Store Using Video Marketing & YouTube

You must be quite happy after your customers have made a purchase but still, there’s a lot to keep the new customers influenced. All the while, the aim should be to interact with your customers as possible as you could. You never know if your customers give reference to their connection and share the wonderful experience. Who knows your new customer can be your next brand evangelist?

Regard your customers with a Thank You video and gladly embrace them to the club or you can even introduce onboarding video showcasing their new purchase. Later, you can create a library of product training videos where you can educate your customers on using products on their own.

Ready To Get Started?

There may be thousands of questions running around your mind but do not worry, the struggle is all worth it. Video marketing might seem frightening at first but a right strategy and patience is the key to run a business.

Many fashionistas, singers or stars have born on YouTube and are using this platform incredibly. So, why can’t you? It’s the time to bring your brand story into life with the cocktail of humour, reality and legitimacy.

Hurry Up! And make video marketing and YouTube a part of your marketing strategy today.


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