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Whether it’s because of high competition, budgetary limitations, or any other reason, content marketers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to promote their content.

If you too are searching for a unique strategy to increase the audience for your online content, then you should definitely add podcasts to your marketing plan. Let’s dive straight into the topic at hand and take a look at what podcasts are, and how they can promote your content.

What are Podcasts?

Considering the popularity of digital content nowadays, chances are you already know what a podcast is. However, just to make sure that all our readers are on the same page, we will briefly explain what a podcast is.

A podcast is a form of digital audio content that is released in a series of episodes. Basically, it’s either a monologue or a conversation between two or more people, speaking on a certain topic. They are recorded in both audio and video formats, but audio podcasts are the more popular ones.

Below, we have listed some compelling reasons through which you can use podcasts to boost your content marketing strategy. We will also explain how they attract more audience to your content.

6 Reasons Why You Should Add Podcasts to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Note: Throughout this post, every time we refer to ‘Podcasts’, we’ll be talking about the audio format and not videos.

Podcasts are easy to create and convenient to consume

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

All you need to create a podcast is a fairly sound-proof room and a recording setup. You don’t need to worry about expensive equipment, technical expertise, or high production costs.

To make things even better, they are not just easy for you to create, but also convenient for your audiences to consume. Like most audio content, podcasts can be listened to anytime, anywhere. Whether people are traveling, driving, doing daily chores, or laying idly on their beds, they can just tuck in their headphones and listen to podcasts.

They are cost-effective, as well as easily scalable

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

As we already mentioned above, creating podcasts is quite cheap, especially compared to other methods like SEO or advertising. But the best thing is that they are not just cost-effective, but also highly scalable.

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If you have a higher production budget, then you can easily invest more into your podcasts. For example, when you are starting, you can get average recording equipment at low costs. As your podcasts bring you more audience, you can spend a few more bucks on better equipment, and even invite special guests on your podcasts. Scaling the cost and quality of your podcast requires minimum effort.

Podcast is one of the most engaging forms of content

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s compare podcasts to two other common digital mediums – written and visual content. Written content such as blogs and product reviews require a higher level of attention from your audience to read, understand, and retain the information. Video content is moEcre engaging and easier to retain but still requires total attention from viewers.

In comparison to both, podcasts are highly engaging. They don’t demand full attention from listeners, allowing them to multitask while still listening to the podcast. And the conversational tone of podcasts makes them very interesting to listen to. Even busy people can make time for podcasts that interest them.

It offers greater exposure at lower competition rates

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of websites working on their SEO. Facebook and Instagramare filled with marketers and advertisers.Podcasts, on the other hand, are not considered a common marketing strategy. Now, you may say that podcasts are very popular, and we agree on that. A huge chunk of internet users loves listening to podcasts. But there aren’t many content creators and marketers out there who are using podcasts as a marketing tactic.

So you have a huge audience out there who are interested in listening to podcasts, but not as many people creating podcasts. If you play your cards right, this can be a highly effective strategy for promoting your content.

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The episodic nature of podcasts creates a loyal base of returning audience

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

Earlier, we had mentioned that podcasts are usually released in a series of episodes. If you manage to grip the audience’s attention in the first few podcasts, then it’s likely that they’ll come back for all future installments. This episodic nature of podcasts makes it one of the most unique marketing methods.

Of course, you must fulfill your part as well, and that is to engage the listeners more and more with every episode. But if you plan out the topics for your podcast in advance and deliver it interestingly, you will eventually create a huge base of audiences who will be returning to listen to your podcasts every time a new episode is published.

It provides great variety and flexibility

Reasons Why You Should Consider Podcasting Within Your Marketing Strategy

Finally, the last thing we want to focus on is the versatility and flexibility that podcasts offer. You can talk about any topic you want, as long as it’s relevant to the main content that you are offering. Add in more people to your podcasts, and you’ll have meaningful discussions where different opinions and perceptions can be included.

You can even ask your audiences to join in through “phone-call” segments, which creates very high audience engagement. The tone of your podcasts can seamlessly shift between chatty, slightly humorous, or serious. There aren’t many marketing options out there that offer such a flexible approach.


Two main factors that determine the success or failure of a content marketing strategy – capturing your audience’s attention and executing the marketing strategy conveniently

Podcasts tick the boxes in both these factors. People love to listen to podcasts, and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to create and publish them. Due to these reasons, we recommend that you start integrating podcasts into your content marketing campaign.