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If we talk about one giant social network in the present era, Instagram is the name that will strike your mind at first. And to keep the facts straight, the Instagram family has expanded to over half a billion active users monthly out of which 300 million users login daily and are active members of Instagram.

One phenomenon that came into notice is that 68% of Instagram users are involved frequently with brands. Even a research by Track Maven found that Instagram has 8 times better engagement ratio in contrast to any other social media site. However, in my opinion, Instagram is a powerful platform for eCommerce businesses to bring a great rate on investment.

So, let’s jump straight into a few Instagram marketing strategies that will lead to your eCommerce success and watch your business blooming.

Strengthen Your Content Game

Easy Hacks to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales From Instagram

Unique and quality content matters the most when it comes to user engagement. You must have heard the phrase “think before you speak” but in this digital era, you need to think before you post. Focusing on content that is relevant to your product helps in targeting the audience on Instagram.

The suggested measurement for Instagram images is 1080 x 1080 pixels with caption reach up to 2200 characters. One more interesting fact is, many users have started scheduling their content by using advanced Instagram tools like Latergramme. Now, this will save your time from regular logins and will manage your target audience under the influence at all times.

Create an Effortless Buyer’s Journey

Easy Hacks to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales From Instagram

Once you have started developing quality content and also getting appreciable engagement, understand you’re on the right track. But, is your Instagram marketing emphatically influencing your online store?

Obviously, it’s admirable to gain a good number of Instagram followers as it makes your brand visible and offers great user-engagement. But, do you really think it is enough? To attain continuous success, your buyer’s journey must be undisturbed and peaceful.

The Instagram traffic usually shows up from mobile phones. The reason it is important for your landing page to be mobile responsive. You can even take advantage of Instagram’s location attribute which is considered as a strong approach for gaining high eCommerce revenue from this social network. Manifesting stock in an impressive manner will surely give rise to huge demand. But, just make sure to not push insistent marketing of your products on Instagram as that might wipe out all your hard work.

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Enroll Influencers

Easy Hacks to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales From Instagram

Years ago, the realm of influencer marketing was only restricted to popular celebrities or a few dedicated models. But now the game as changed. A study on Instagram says, there are over half a million active influencers with more than 20,000 followers.

Today, Instagram Influencer Marketing is a popular strategy for new brands or businesses to reach their audience. Just Like, UWheels produced up to $1 million sales by gambling on Instagram influencers. Not only UWheels, FoundrMag generated over half a million years just within a year by simply enrolling influencers on Instagram.

Sounds impressive right?

Even you can achieve the same. It’s not you have to increase your budget, you may find several Influencers for your marketing campaign. Just make sure you find the right for your business. Do not just choose the one with a high number of followers, you need the one who has engaged and relevant followers that will connect their audience to your business.

Hashtag Is The Key

Easy Hacks to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales From Instagram

Instagram hashtags are game-changing. You can enter up to 30 hashtags on each post and authorize your content to be visible in the wider market. This will intrigue new potential buyers and will give a break while searching hashtags daily. Once done, just save a list of hashtags you require daily and keep on updating them once in a while.

To keep the hashtag game strong, you must keep the relevant trends in your mind in addition to the user experience. We do not promise immediate success with this as it is quite obvious that targeting audience will take some time and patience. But slowly or steadily, you will win. From boosting brand awareness to driving engagement and generating revenue, Instagram hashtag is the platform you cannot or you shouldn’t ignore.

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Invest in Photos & Videos That Conveys A Story

Easy Hacks to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales From Instagram

You must have come across thousands of photos and videos flooding on Instagram every day. Your content has the highest probability to get off-track if it isn’t unique or creative. Luckily, Instagram offers a number of features that will take your content to the next level with various filters but adding soul and eloquence to your content is in your own hands.

Let’s take an example of HubSpot. If you follow their account on Instagram, you can see an impressive way how they highlight their employees with #hubspotemployeetakeover and #humansofhubspot. They feature a regular culture and ethics of their team that adds a personal connection with the audience.

Similarly, adding a story to your content via images or videos can make significant improvements to your Instagram marketing strategy. You may even apprehend entertaining and playful team moments or feature a product how it works or just simply create a tutorial.

Strike a note, the more ingenious and playful your content is, you add-on more possibility of engaging customers to your brand on Instagram.

To Sum Up

You do not require a massive budget to generate revenue on Instagram. Right marketing efforts and the right content is what matters. In this digital era, people are obsessed with shopping and if you are an eCommerce seller, you need to put into action one of the above 4 strategies, right away.

Plus, keep on recording your performance. Within 30 days itself, you might get an adequate data on the revenue that you produced from Instagram. There’s a reason, Instagram is one of the leading ways to achieve your eCommerce success.

Would love to hear your experience on Instagram marketing in the comment section below. Hopefully, we haven’t missed anything important.