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You probably already know that customer relationships are built through conversations. Commerce has always been trying to increase conversation and personal connections with customers.

Just take a look at some quick statistics…

  • 38% of customers are more likely to buy from a business who offers live chat support.
  • 52% of customers are more likely to stay with or repurchase from business who offers live chat support.
  • 73% customers believe that live chat most satisfying ways to communicate with the business.

It’s clear that live chat have a significant impact on user experience. In many ways, live chat helps to make strong relationships with customers.

Nowadays there are many live chat tools available in the market, But it is difficult to find better tools that’s right for your business. That’s why in this article we are presenting Top 10 most popular live chat support tool, so you can choose which one is best for your business.

1. Tawk.to

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Tawk.to is completely free live chat software. Tawk.to have all the features you need to provide winning customer support – it is lightning fast, reliable and scalable.

Basically, Tawk.to is give full access to their live chat software for free, While making money from offering live chat agent for hire. Tawk.to is the best live chat software to start with. Tawk.to comes with all premium features you would expect, just without the price tag.

Tawk is also have native mobile apps that help you to stay in touch with your customers.

Tawk.to live chat software features:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Ticket integrations
  • Detailed statistics
  • Unlimited Agents


Tawk.to is the best live chat service that’s available for Free!

2. Smartsupp

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Smartsupp feature-rich standard live chat service. Smartsupp helps you to build personal relationships with your customers and increase your sales. The best part of Smartsupp is Live chat Video recording where you see the movement of each visitor on your website.

Smartsupp live chat software features:

  • Automatic messages
  • Video recordings
  • Detailed statistics
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Chat box customization


SmartSupp offers a free plan. But for features like video recordings, 1 year chat history, Chat box customize, and automated messaging, plans start from $10 monthly per agent to $19 monthly per agent.

3. Olark

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Olark is the most popular live chat in todays market. You can add the Olark chat tool to specific pages and send a targeted chat messages to visitor automatically. Olark is easily integrated with third-party business software like Mailchimp Google Analytics and HelpScout. Olark also provides a customer pre-chat forms that help to gathering some useful information before the live chat beginnings.

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Olark live chat software features:

  • Live chat automation
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Customizable chat box
  • Custom chatbox forms
  • Integrated with third-party software


Olark pricing plan start from $12 monthly per agent.

4. Intercom

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Intercom offers many services like marketing and customer service and live chat software. Intercom live chat software specially created for sales. Easily integrated with third-party software. Intercom also provides a highly automated chat bots to scale your ecommerce business.

Intercom live chat software features:

  • Highly automated Chat bots
  • App store integrations


The intercom pricing plan starts from $49/month for Early stage startup. You can also buy all in one plan start from $87/month. The custom bot pricing plan starts from $99/month.

5. Zendesk Chat

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Zendesk chats have great live visitor tracking for your ecommerce store. With Zendesk Chat you can provide fast and effective support via websites, mobile apps, and through messaging services. It also works with major ecommerce platform.

Zendesk Chat software features:

  • Automatically send targeted messages
  • Pre-chat forms
  • Chat Bot integration


Zendesk Chat offers a free plan for one agent, one concurrent chat, Chat ratings and 30-day chat history. Standard Zendesk Chat pricing plan starts from $14 monthly per agent to $59 monthly per agent.

6. Tidio

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Tidio is the best communicator for your ecommerce business that keeps live chat messenger and Chatbots at one place. Tidio provides a free lifetime plan with all the features you need like Email integration, Unlimited tracking and also third-party software integration.

Tidio Chat software features:

  • Automation with Tidio Chatbots
  • Customize a widget look
  • Mobile App
  • Quick set-up


Tidio offers a forever free plans up to 3 users. Tidio additional plans start from $15 per month.

7. Drift

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Drift is the world’s first conversational marketing platform. Drift is a most advanced and powerful option for ecommerce chat automation. The Drift chat bots qualify your site visitor and Book a meeting with your sales team without even talking to your customers. Overall, Drift focus on more Atomization the entire chat process.

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Drift Chat software features:

  • Highly Automated Chatbots
  • Book meetings without talking to your customers.


The Drift pricing plans start from Free that provides basic chat capabilities. Standard Plans start from $50/month to $1500/month.

8. Kayako

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Kayako is help desk software is a full suite of tools including live chat software, and an organized shared inbox. Kayako’s fully integrated help desk software allows ecommerce store to provide exceptional customer service in multiple languages across live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter. Kayako is used by thousands of ecommerce stores in the world. Kayako offers a free plan to start working with them.

Kayako Chat software features:

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Easily customizable live chat window
  • Customers recent activity
  • Team analytics
  • Customer satisfaction ratings


Kayako offers three different plans for its live chat tool, Start from $15 monthly per agent to $60 monthly per agent.

9. Pure Chat

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

Pure Chat was designed to help organizations have better conversations with their store visitors in the moments that matter most. Pure Chat allows to customize the chat window and also integrate with third-party software. You can manage your ecommerce business with Pure Chat native mobile apps.

Pure Chat software features:

  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Unlimited chats
  • Use on 1 website


The platform begins with a free plan, and the Growth plan starts at $39/month and Pro plan start from $79/month.

10. SnapEngage

Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Your Ecommerce Store

SnapEngage is designed to provide a seamless experience across several platforms. You’ll capture more leads, reduce response times, and enjoy dedicated customer service that understands live chat and your goals. SnapEngage boosts customer satisfaction and reduces your cost-per-interaction.

SnapEngage Chat software features:

  • Integrate with Your Workflows
  • Manage Conversations from Multiple Channels
  • Comply with Your Security Requirements
  • Use on 1 website


The SnapEngage pricing plan begins with $16 monthly per user to $40 monthly per user.


Live chat tool enables the conversations that power up your ecommerce store. The origin of your sales and growth is rooted in conversation. We have covered Top 10 live chat platform here so you can choose the right platform that meets your business need.