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Not every shopper who adds a product to the cart and complete the checkouts. As an Entrepreneur, you work hard to bring customers to your ecommerce store. The Shopper will visit few items and add them to cart, then continues to checkouts, but doesn’t complete the order. The shoppers drop off, and their cart is stored as an abandoned checkout.

According to Baymard research, 69% shoppers abandon their shopping carts globally. Shopping cart abandonment affects both small and large ecommerce businesses. Recovering a small amount from abandonment make a big difference to any ecommerce store.

Why Users Abandonment their Carts?

Numbers of user visit your store in a day. From them, some are random, some will never buy, some are for just information, and some are adding products to cart and reach to checkout.

Those users who add something to their cart and reach to checkout… they are highly motivated to buy from your store. But sometimes they abandon. There is some reason behind the abandonment cart. Here we are going to give you some general reason for why user abandonment their carts.

  • Customer shocked by the price spike when shipping and taxes are included
  • Customer have a concern about website data and security
  • Customer dose not want to create an account
  • Too long or complicated checkout process
  • Could not find the total order cost
  • There weren’t enough payment methods
  • Delivery is too slow

These are the best opportunity to recover your missed-out sale. Let’s see how to reduce abandonment cart.

1. Build Trust in the Buying Process

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Think about the last time you purchase something online. Did you feel 100% secured?

According to research, 17% of shopper abandon their carts just because, they worried about safety of credit card details. Trust is a more important factor for any ecommerce store. The Shopper is always looking for signs that they can trust you.

Keep trust information accessible from every page of the site. Also, use the live chat integration on the checkout page, so users can ask a question if they afraid of buying. You can use social proof and product reviews as a trust builder for your store. It helps to keep users motivated to buy.

2. Improve Site Speed

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Site speed represents the overall performance of your store. You may lose visitors if your ecommerce store takes more time to load. According to research, 25% of shopper abandon their carts if the process takes too long time. You can check your site performance with Google.

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Ways to improve site speed and performance

  • Fast and reliable hosting
  • Minify code
  • Decrease the size of images

You can win more customers with faster load time and higher site performance.

3. Include Multiple Payment Options

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Multiple payment option helps to prevent the shopper to abandon their cart. Today, more than 61% of customers choose their favorite payment method while making a purchase. Obviously, the reason behind is the trust, safety and security of payments.

According to a research, 18% of user hesitate to enter credit card information. There are several ways to accept payments from customers like Credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. By offering more payment option, user can choose their favorite payment method.

4. Additional Costs

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Handling fees, shipping fees and tax all these additional costs may lead shoppers to abandon their carts. 53% of shopper abandon their carts due to additional costs.

According to research, 88% of customers would be more likely to shop at an online store if they provide a free shipping. You can reduce abandonment cart by offering a free shipping to customers. You can win more customers by showing a clear estimation of additional costs.

5. Provide a Guest Checkout Option

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Create an account, Input all information, conforming an email and then return to shopping cart may slow down your checkout process. 31% of user abandon their carts just because they don’t want to create an account.

The User did not come to create an account, they came to buy something. Don’t force the customers to create an account. Instead, offer a guest checkout option to your shoppers.

6. Reduce Price Shock

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Clear price is a crucial part for ecommerce store. The Customer becomes shocked by price spike during checkouts. Show a clear estimate about every charge.

You can reduce price shock by providing a delivery calculator. That helps to user in checking delivery charges by entering their zip code. So they can more accurately about quote for an item. Price shock helps you to prevent abandonment cart.

7. Keep the Cart Visible

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Cart is a visual reminder for shopper that they were planning to buy something. Make sure that your cart is visible to shoppers everywhere. Sometime shopper wants to save the item for future considerations.

Also the design of shopping cart is must be simple and expands when shoppers click on it or hover it. This will prevent shoppers to abandon their carts.

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8. Use Cart Abandonment Emails

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Sending an email to shoppers who abandon their carts is a best way to recover your revenue. A well-performing abandoned email typically recover more than 10% to 12% of those lost orders.

You can use great product photos and discount code for asking them to complete the purchase. It’s even better to redirect directly to their shopping carts. Email will greatly help you to recover your revenue.

9. Simplify Navigation

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The simple site navigation helps user to move around quickly and easily find what they want. The Customer leaves before complete a purchase if there are more clicks to the checkouts.

Around 25% user who abandon carts because of complex navigation. Every page of your store is at three or fewer clicks from checkouts. Make your navigation simplify as possible.

  1. Choose a product
  2. Add them to cart
  3. Click Checkout button

A simple site navigation also helps to convert customer into buyers.

10. Use Live Chat

10 Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Customer service is an important role for any ecommerce business. By providing a good service to a customer make them value for a product purchase from your business. If you can answer your customer queries instantly, they will stay with you.

Live chat tool enables the conversations that power up your ecommerce store. Live chat build the trust with users, its allow to ask quick questioning and get answered immediately. If you fail to give a response to your user queries, they may go away.

According to research, 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order. So it’s clear that the customer often needs assistance in selecting a product or service. With a right assistance you can reduce abandonment carts.

Final Thoughts

This guide will definitely help you to reduce your abandon carts. This is a small list of, why customers abandon their carts. Follow your shoppers across the entire purchase funnel and find the reasons, in which stage they abandon their carts and try to resolve them and maximize your ecommerce store revenue.

How do you reduce cart abandonment in your ecommerce store? Let us know in the comment section below.