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Over the past few years ecommerce business gaining a huge success and so are payment gateway. Today, more than 61% of customers choose their favorite payment method while making a purchase. Obviously, the reason behind is the trust, safety and security of payments.

Choosing a right payment gateway is an important step to build a successful ecommerce store. When a customer checks out, they can choose any payment method to pay that you have enabled in your store. You can enable a variety of payment gateways for your ecommerce store.

There are several ways to accept payments from customers like Credit card, PayPal and Amazon Pay. When choosing a payment gateway, consider the countries where your business is located and where your customers live. Here are the top 10 payment gateways that we recommend to best suit your business needs.

1. PayPal

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

PayPal is most commonly used payment gateway for ecommerce store. PayPal was founded in 1998. The PayPal available in more than 200 countries/regions and support 25 currencies. It’s a free to use for consumers. It supports all the credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and many more!

2. Amazon Pay

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service that founded in 2007. Amazon Pay service is available in more than 17 countries. Amazon Pay operates in several different languages and supports all leading currencies. Amazon Pay provides 2 products for business: Checkout by Amazon (CBA) and Amazon Simple Pay (ASP). You can choose which one best suits your business need.

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3. Skrill

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Skrill is very a successful UK-based payment service operates in more than 201 countries. Using it, you can make international transaction and pay for service or products anywhere in the world. Skrill helps small ecommerce business to accept credit card and debit cards.

4. Braintree

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Braintree is an all-in-one payment processing service for businesses that founded in 2007. Braintree is now a division of PayPal. Braintree best known for providing a seamless checkout experience. Braintree accepts the most popular payment methods like Credit card, debit card and popular digital wallets. Braintree operates in more than 45 countries and support 130+ currencies.

5. Authorize.Net

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Authorize.Net is one of the largest and well-known payment gateway that founded in 1996. It allows to accept the credit cards and electronic payment through the Internet. Authorize.net is permitted customers to enter their credit card details directly on the web page. Authorize.net is currently available in more than 33 countries and also provides a 24/7 free support.

6. 2Checkout.com

2Checkout is one of the most popular payment gateway that allows for business to quickly expand internationally. 2Checkout is operating in more than 180 countries. You can make also mobile-friendly checkout page and customize according to your brand.

7. Stripe

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Stripe is US-based payment gateway that operates in more than 100 countries. It is available for every size of business from new startup to full scale companies. Stripe has a good integration with all major ecommerce platform. Stripe help to expand your business internationally and provide a seamless customer experience. It supports major payment methods like Credit card, Debit card and e wallets.

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8. Checkout.com

Checkout.com is leading international providers of online payment solutions. It was founded in 2012. Checkout.com is currently processing 150+ countries. Accepts all international cards, plus popular alternative and local payments. Checkout.com is available for all sizes of business.

9. SagePay

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Sage Pay is an online payment processing service that was founded in 2001. Sage Pay is known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe. Their payment services are fast and secure. It is currently available in 189+ countries.

10. Adyen

10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

Last but not least, Adyen is a global payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments. Adyen is available in 25+ countries. Adyen offers a completely customizable and flexible payment solution for ecommerce platform.

Final Thoughts:

A payment gateway is an essential part of ecommerce business. Everything you need to set up is a right payment gateway that offers a great payment experience. However, finding a right payment gateway is difficult. From the list choose a best payment gateway according to your business need.